The Cansolair Network set up Requirements

  • Qualified Installer 
    • Ten minute phone call to discuss best practices re installation process.  Take five verification pics of installation.

  • Reseller Level
    • Purchase two units at full retail and become a Qualified Installer with first Installation.    
  • Dealer
    • Purchase ten units annually after initial sign up. 
  • Distributor level 1 
    • Accept minimum of six Resellers inside Dealer zone

  • Distributor level 2
    • Accept minimum of 12 Dealers inside expanded zone 
  • Distributor level 3
    • Accept  minimum of 18 Dealers inside expanded zone 
  • Distributor level 4
    • Accept minimum of 24 Dealers inside expanded zone 
  • Distributor level 5
    • Accept minimum of 30 Dealers inside whole province or state.
    • Optional buy in $120,000.00  for registered Dealers only. 
  • National Manufacturer
    • Become Registered Dealer initially.
    • Purchase 1000 units at Dealer price afterwards.
    • Pay $175,000.00 Technology Transfer fee plus any applicable intellectual property fees.
    • Pay $100.00 royalty per unit.
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